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ALL COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES is a Gauteng based IT and Mobile telecommunications service provider, we offer a diverse range of services, from computer hardware to managed premium revenue mobile services as well as providing a world class bulk SMS platform to our clients.

Recent Website Projects

  • Motor Transport Wokers Union (MTWU).Motor Transport Workers Union can pride itself for having protected their members against exploitation and job losses and will continue to fight for Decent work and fair treatment of its members.
  • SAVSPEEDWhen developing a performance vehicle, one is required to have a passion to achieve the ultimate performance vehicle. Question you have to ask is: Do you want the ultimate performance vehicle? Well, one would need passion to achieve this momentous task. SAVSpeed, an Italian company driven by passion and perfection will achieve this for you.
  • AKKEDDISSIE GECKO FITNESSA fitness professional that pushes the limits of fitness. She loves helping people achieve their goals and making a success in creating a "healthier Lifestyle". "A Healthy Body is a Healthy mind"
  • Eternal VictoryThe official website for Eternal Victory. A group of people that play games online that decided to create a clan, a clan that play by the rules and make it a mission to destroy their opponents.